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Lumin™ premium LPG products with patented CH25X™ technology and BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems can help differentiate your product offerings from those of competitors by offering a premium propane versus a commodity propane, boosting gas performance and reducing customer maintenance and down time expenses. Lumin's superior performance attributes will also help to attract and maintain new customers seeking to leverage the many advantages these products provide across manufacturing, fabricating and fleet operations.


CGX-4® - Provides patented detergent and stabilizing technology to reduce heavy end buildup and improve combustion in all propane powered motor equipment (trucks, cars, forklifts, lawn equipment).

Vapo-Kleen™ - Removes deposits, reduces emissions and helps keep tanks and industrial equipment clean and maintenance free in all propane powered stationary equipment (grain dryers, pumps, agricultural and industrial heaters).

HGX-3® - Promotes rapid heat transfer, faster cutting and reduced slag formation versus acetylene and propylene applications.

BlueMoon® Filters - Filtration for individual units, delivery trucks, transports, storage tanks and bulk plants.


Support your sales of a premium, filtered propane with our turn-key marketing program and signage.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a sales representative regarding our products and services, please e-mail us at or call us at 800-728-8258.