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ValvTect Marine Fuel

Marine engines work under much heavier loads (stress) and more severe operating conditions than automotive gasoline or commercial truck engines. They are also subject to problems caused by ethanol and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Peak, dependable, and trouble free performance are keys to boating safety and enjoyment.

Many of the nationís high quality marinas provide ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel at their docks. Unlike automotive gasoline or truck diesel fuel offered at gas stations, these special marine fuels are formulated for heavy duty marine engines to help provide peak performance, extend engine life and prevent problems with ethanol and ultra low sulfur diesel.

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Key Marketing Benefits of ValvTect Marine Fuel Program for Marina Operators

  • ValvTect Has National Brand Recognition.
  • Nationally Advertised to Millions of Boaters.
  • Full Turn Key Merchandising and P.O.S.
  • Free Pump/Fuel Dock Signage.
  • Partnerships with:
    • Boat US Marina Program
    • Sea Ray Owners Club
    • Marina Life
    • Marinerís Network
  • Free Listing on

ValvTect Marine Gasoline Program

Because it is specially formulated for marine engines, ValvTect Marine Gasoline with ValvTect Ethanol Gas Treatment helps Marina operators supply a high quality fuel for marine engines, improving customer relations and fuel sales. The ValvTect Marine Fuel Program is designed to help Marina operators:
  • Promote a higher quality fuel specially formulated for marine engines.
  • Provide a fuel not available at land based gas stations.
  • Improve fuel sales.
  • Improve customer relations.
  • Improve Marina/Marketer image.
  • Reduce high price objections at fuel docks.

ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel Fuel Program

The ValvTect Marine Diesel Fuel Program allows marketers to provide and promote a "premium" quality marine diesel fuel that meets or exceeds the expectations of their marine diesel customers. Certified ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel contains BioGuard and helps to:
  • Prevent bacteria and bacteria plugged filters.
  • Disperse water.
  • Improve fuel stability.
  • Provide higher cetane performance.
  • Clean-up injector deposits.
  • Improve fuel economy.

By providing a fuel specially formulated for marine engines, marina operators can help improve customer relations, fuel sales, and marina image.

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