BioGuard Plus 6™
  • Contains a Multifunctional, Performance Enhancing Marine Diesel Detergent Package
  • Maintenance Dose of EPA Approved Pesticide
  • Stabilizes Marine Diesel for More than 2 Years
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs while Improving Power and Performance

Today’s ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel are more susceptible to micro-organism growth such as bacteria and algae (“bugs”) that can plug fuel filters and corrode fuel tanks and engine components. When left in storage, these micro-organisms can prevent your engine from starting and/or running properly when you need it most.

BioGuard Plus 6™ contains BioGuard7, the industry’s most effective microbiocide to prevent biological growth and corrosion of your fuel tank and engine system.

BioGuard Plus 6™ also contains Diesel Guard Supreme multifunctional diesel additive that contains stabilizer, moisture dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, cetane improver and VT 101™ lubricity improver. It’s all you need to get your engine started and running properly.

BioGuard Plus

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