• Optimizes fuel economy
  • Maximizes power and acceleration
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Enhances fuel stability

ValvTect™ X-TENDED PROTECTION+™ (XP+™) Gasoline Treatment is an advanced high-performance gasoline additive designed to protect fuel systems from problems caused by ethanol gasoline (up to E85) and non-ethanol gasoline.

ValvTect™ XP+™ is formulated with:

• A very sophisticated detergent/dispersant package to help gasoline powered engines operate at peak performance by cleaning up deposits and keeping the engine & fuel system “super clean” & in “like new” condition.
• Powerful stabilizers/antioxidants to keep fuel fresh and extend the shelf life as much as a year or more.
• Additional corrosion inhibitors to protect fuel systems from rust and corrosion. This is important in marine applications and other high moisture, vented fuel tank environments.
• Moisture control to help prevent build-up of water, prevent phase separation and maintain octane rating.
• Continued use of ValvTect™ XP+™ can reduce fuel consumption, improve acceleration, improve engine octane performance & lower harmful exhaust emissions. Product performance has been documented by ASTM, SAE & NACE corrosion tests with both ethanol & ethanol free grades of gasoline.

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